30% Raiders Rubber Interlocking Tiles 23

30% Raiders Rubber Interlocking Tiles 23" x 23" x 8mm

5% Snowflake Rubber Interlocking Tiles 24

5% Snowflake Rubber Interlocking Tiles 24" x 24" x 8mm

4' x 6' x 3/4" Second Class Rubber Stall Mats

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These are factory seconds - Never Used (missing corners, excess rubber in mat, etc.) each mat is different. Cash Price Only, $40 per mat. We have several hundred in stock. 

Each mat is 4'x6'x3/4"

*Please Note: These are a "Second Clas Mat". Meaning these mats will feature small tears, missing corners, and other imperfections. Offer price is a "CASH PRICE" only. All orders place through our website will not be fulfilled. Pick up from our warehouse in Dahlonega Sold as is - No Return, No Warranty 





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What Sets Us Ahead Of The Competition? Our mats are vulcanized! (a polyurethane bound mat may absorb fluid leading to potential bacterial growth, odor and premature breakdown of the mat). A vulcanized mat will not absorb moisture. Our Mats are denser. More rubber per square inch. A heavier mat lays flat and won’t lift or curl. More durable and resilient. Perfect straight edge cuts to ensure no gaps in the mats. Our mats combine the right amount of cushioning to ensure best traction for long life. A vulcanized mat last longer and will not crumble when scraped. We offer a limited 15 year warranty with our mats. Many customers have had our mats in use for over 30 years! 

*We make every attempt to accurately reproduce the colors and finishes of each item on our website. However, a photograph is not a perfect reproduction of the appearance of an item. Resolution, quality and color calibrations can be different on each screen, whether it is on a laptop, monitor, television, smartphone or tablet. Therefore, textures and colors cannot be 100% accurate on any website. Completing an order means that you waive any claim of dissatisfaction with the stain, texture and/or color of the product(s).*

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