2000lb Super Sack Rubber Mulch

We are now offering FREE SHIPPING* on all 2000lb super sacks or any order with 50 (fifty) or more bags! Contact us for more details!

Whether you are building a new play set or sprucing up an existing playground, we are here to help you to a safe and cost effective way to protect your kids. Our complete line of playground rubber mulch and Landscape rubber mulch can give you and your kid’s child a safe and enjoyable place to work and play.


Equestrian Footing- 3/8″ with small fiber to hold water to keep dust down, Soft footing that is easy on your horses joints



1 Pallet of 50 [40 lb. bags] = 2,000 lbs. Or one 2000 lb Super Sack of Playground rubber mulch


Each pallet will cover:

Approximately 300 square feet, or an area 15’ foot x 20’ foot @ 3’’ depth Recommended minimum for home use.



CA,WA,NM,AZ,CO,KS,NE:1 PALLET/$200, 2 PALLETS/$300, 3+ PALLETS/$450  7-14 Business Days

AR: 1 PALLET/$150, 2 PALLETS/$200, 3+ PALLETS/$350 3-5 Business Days

NV,OR,UT,MT,WY,ID,ND,SD:1 PALLET/$350, 2 PALLETS/$500, 3+ PALLETS $650 7-14 Business Days