Which Flooring Should I Choose?

Tiles or Rolls?

Ultimately,  tile is a functional and practical choice for any flooring project. Tiles offer versatility in application as well as beauty from their design potential. Keep in mind rubber tiles will cost more per square foot than rolled rubber.

The Advantages

  • Durable – professionally installed rubber tiles outperform and outlast just about every other floor covering material created for a similar application.
  • Easy care –  No heavy lifting of rolls and they snap togethet like a jigsaw!
  • No adhesive or glue is required.
  • Easy to replace if one is damaged

What Tools Are Required?

Tools Needed:

  • Utility Knife
  • White Chalk
  • Square or other Strait Edge
  • Tape Measure

How Do I Install My Rubber Flooring?

Basic Installation Steps:

  •  Clean area thoroughly. If you have a soft or uneven base, make it as level as possible. This will ensure that the mats will lie flat and make for easy cleaning
  • Place the required mats in the alleyway or outside area
  •  Measure twice, cut once and decide on the best fitting pattern for your room. Bring the mats in one at a time, beginning with the mats that require little or no cutting
  • Measure the uncovered area, mark the desired mat with chalk and cut to fit using the utility knife and strait edge as a cutting guide.
  • Please refer to our Video section on this website for more details.

How Do I Care For My Rubber Flooring?

Regular Maintenance
Your rubber flooring may be cleaned at any time using a damp mop with a PH neutral cleaner diluted with water. Ensure that any moisture is immediately extracted after cleaning. You may also use a vacume or brush to clean and remove dirt.

You rubber flooring may not be cleaned with any petroleum based cleaners. If any petroleum product is spilled on the matting, it should be removed immediately to avoid damage to the matting and voiding of warranty.

Please refer to our Video section on this website for more details.

Why is your pricing structure different from your Georgia warehouse than what is reflected on your website?

As a convenience to our local Georgia residents we purchase large quantities of products, pay the freight, house them, and make available for same day pickup. Please note that same day pick up is for in stock items only. Special order products will require 3 to 5 week turn around. To offset our freight costs we have no choice but to charge the appropriate pricing structure.  The advantage is it saves the customer money by purchasing direct from the warehouse rather than purchasing from our website and having to pay freight costs.